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Fenster Prestige is a German company that specialises in the field of carpentry and home construction parts such as windows, doors, roller blinds and shutters. The company operates mainly on german market, but also exports many of their products to other European countries.

Fenster wanted a modern, responsive and professional website that will help them attract new customers. Our agency successfully provided the desired website that is clear, mobile-friendly and looks very elegant in its simplicity. The front page is a combination of graphical elements connected with the brand such as windows and Fenster Prestige lorry as well as short descriptions concerned with the company and its offer. Other pages contain catalogues with Fenster products as well as a very useful order creation panel.

It is also worth mentioning, that Refix agency not only designed the website for Prestige Fenster, but also created a very profitable Google AdWords promotional campaign for this company. The combination of the website that we have created as well as the AdWords campaign for it have brought the Fenster Prestige company very good results.

Fenster Prestige