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  • Most natural way of attracting new customers
  • Effective way of promoting Your brand
  • Direct interaction with the customers
  • Promoting the website and creating its content at the same time
Content Marketing

What do we offer?


Providing all sorts of texts for the website and its advertising campaign


Using images for advertising purposes


Creating short films and videos for promotional campaigns


Using social media as a marketing tool

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How it will change Your business?

Our agency provides comprehensive content marketing services that include copywriting, image and video creation and social media management. We help You to advertise your website, and therefore your company, more efficiently, for relatively low costs. We improve the visibility of both Your website and Your brand overall. Nowadays it is essential to be strongly present in social media as almost 15% of people search for products and services through that medium. That is why, we promote your website and improve its reputation through the use of social media.

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Why us?

  • We provide comprehensive content marketing services including copywriting, graphic and video design and social media management
  • We create content strategy individually for each client
  • We are a group of experts from fields such as marketing, marketing psychology, social media, digital marketing, journalism and graphic/video creation.
  • We combine content creation with search engine optimization and digital advertising
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Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of advertising. It is a strategy that strongly focuses on the content, whether it is a text, a picture, a video or any sort of media that could help us promote our brand. Copywriting is known as one of the easiest and cheapest marketing strategies. With the right plan, we can create a whole set of texts that will help positioning and promoting Your website. Furthermore, it is said that a picture may be sometimes worth more than a thousand words. That is why, graphic and video marketing is crucial, especially nowadays when people do not like to read a lot and prefer watching and listening.

Another essential aspect of modern digital marketing is the use of social media. It is said that more than 15% of all internet users search for services and companies through social media. What is more, most people tend to evaluate the quality of the company based on their social media pages. That is why, proper social media management can be a great way of promoting and elevating Your brand into higher standards.

Here, at the Refix agency, we provide content marketing services including copywriting, graphic design and video marketing as well as use social media as a means of advertising. Our team comprises of experts from many fields of life and types of business including journalism, psychology, social media, foreign languages as well as advertising and digital marketing. Refix agency creative team of specialists will definitely provide a useful content for any type of business.